17 May

Better Ways to Park at Nashville Airport

Air travel is many things. For some, it’s a fresh new start. For others, it’s the start of a great adventure. For professional travelers, it’s price of doing business in a global world. No matter what your reasons, there are bags to pack, toiletries to separate, passes to print, and itineraries to maintain. With all

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03 May

Travelers Missing Flights Due to Long Lines at Nashville Airport

In airport news, it’s flyer beware! Nashville’s the place to be and for many, it all starts at the Nashville International Airport. Scores of bachelorettes, country music fans and conventioneers have descended upon Music City in recent years and the airport is feeling the impact of this increasing interest. According to a March segment on

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21 Apr

It’s an Investment: Frequent Flyer Airport Parking Savings

Are you a frequent flyer obligated to the cost of airport parking? If so, sign up for our frequent parkers program! Whether you’re traveling on a business trip or a leisurely getaway with the family, you may find yourself parked for weeks on end! With our frequent parkers program, earn points each day you spend

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07 Apr

The Nashville Airport Will Offer Nonstop Flights to San Francisco

Nashville’s growing market and tech scene is taking steps to ensure that it will remain a city to contend with. Beginning on May 5, 2016,  businesses and entrepreneurs local to Nashville will have ease of access to the West Coast with nonstop flights to San Francisco. Tickets are on sale now. “We’ve had great success,

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24 Mar

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Airport security screenings have become more intense in recent years and  the rules governing what passengers can and cannot bring onboard an airplane have changed. Yet, if you have not flown recently, you may be unaware of just how stringent those rules have become.

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10 Mar

Holding Patterns: Say Goodbye to the 10-Minute Waiting Area

If you have ever had to pick up a friend or family member from Nashville International Airport (BNA), then you have most likely spent time in the 10-minute waiting area outside baggage claim. This waiting area is free to use, is convenient and allows you to park right outside the terminal doors to wait the

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23 Feb

Winter Air Travel Tips: Warming Up Your Car

Winter months are notorious for travel delays, but sometimes staying home simply isn’t an option. What’s worse is winter travel delays don’t stop at the airport, as travelers often return only to find their vehicles frozen in a layer of ice.

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17 Feb

No-Mess Airport Parking

Parking at Nashville International Airport has been a problem for some time now. Passengers are feeling the pain due to a lack of parking spots and the high price of airport parking. In addition, building construction has made the problem even worse. As if that wasn’t enough, more people are visiting Nashville than ever before,

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12 Feb

Air Cover: The TSA’s New Body Scanner Rules

TSA has announced the agency is revising its rules for full body scanners. When TSA first installed airport body scanners, the agency stated passengers would have the option to opt-out of using the machines. The new rules will require certain passengers who pose high security risks to use the body scanners, without the option to

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21 Jan

Security and Offsite Airport Parking

Airport Security Threats Airports these days are dealing with broad scale security issues, including the threat of homegrown and foreign terrorist cells. In this post 9/11 world, there are more restrictions than before on the location of onsite parking, such as its distance from the actual airport building. Drop off and loading zones have become

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