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17 May

Better Ways to Park at Nashville Airport

Air travel is many things. For some, it’s a fresh new start. For others, it’s the start of a great adventure. For professional travelers, it’s price of doing business in a global world. No matter what your reasons, there are bags to pack, toiletries to separate, passes to print, and itineraries to maintain. With all

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10 Mar

Holding Patterns: Say Goodbye to the 10-Minute Waiting Area

If you have ever had to pick up a friend or family member from Nashville International Airport (BNA), then you have most likely spent time in the 10-minute waiting area outside baggage claim. This waiting area is free to use, is convenient and allows you to park right outside the terminal doors to wait the

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23 Feb

Winter Air Travel Tips: Warming Up Your Car

Winter months are notorious for travel delays, but sometimes staying home simply isn’t an option. What’s worse is winter travel delays don’t stop at the airport, as travelers often return only to find their vehicles frozen in a layer of ice.

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17 Feb

No-Mess Airport Parking

Parking at Nashville International Airport has been a problem for some time now. Passengers are feeling the pain due to a lack of parking spots and the high price of airport parking. In addition, building construction has made the problem even worse. As if that wasn’t enough, more people are visiting Nashville than ever before,

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07 Jan

Affordable Airport Parking

“Affordable” in airport parking lingo So what constitutes “affordable?” It obviously depends on income levels and perceptions. About $10 per day is considered affordable to many people. Affordability is one of the great perks of Executive Travel & Parking. Onsite airport valet parking at BNA in Nashville is $24 per day and onsite long-term parking

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30 Nov

Benefits of Offsite Airport Parking

It’s probably one of your least favorite things to ask friends for a favor . There’s the babysitting favor, the picking kids up from some activity, the gopher request … “Can you bring me from point A to Point B?” And when you need to get to the airport for business or leisure travel, it’s

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24 Sep

Tips for First Time Flyers at Nashville International Airport

  With Nashville recently being named as one of the country’s new “it” cities, the city is seeing a great influx of tourists and new residents. Because of this,Nashville International Airport (BNA) is seeing more traffic than ever, and if you’re reading this, you may be traveling through the Nashville airport soon, too!

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27 Aug

5 Tips for Holiday Travel at Nashville Airport

The holiday season is coming up fast, and with this being the  busiest time of year to travel, you definitely need to be prepared! Before you head out to park with us at Executive Parking & Travel, follow these tips to better prepare you for your holiday travel.

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