Tips for First Time Flyers at Nashville International Airport


With Nashville recently being named as one of the country’s new “it” cities, the city is seeing a great influx of tourists and new residents. Because of this,Nashville International Airport (BNA) is seeing more traffic than ever, and if you’re reading this, you may be traveling through the Nashville airport soon, too!

Nashville’s airport is true to the city, and contains many features that make it unique and pay tribute to Nashville’s rich culture and history, including country music memorabilia throughout the airport. BNA even has it’s own Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge!

If you will be traveling through the Nashville International Airport for the first time, here are some tips to help you navigate the airport and help get you on to your destination.

Airport Parking

If you’re flying out of the Nashville International Airport, you may need to find parking for your car while you’re away. You should always book your parking in advance and find the best parking option. Always consider off-site valet parking because it’s faster and more convenient than parking in the airport’s onsite long-term lots. Off-site parking is also a better value as compared to onsite long term parking at $16/day or onsite valet parking at $24/day.

Parking off-site can save you big and has many perks that on-site parking doesn’t offer, including frequent parking programs, carwash and auto maintenance services, and even special rates for holidays. If you’re looking for great, affordable airport parking, contact us at 615-523-5100 or book online.

Airport Check-In

Checking in at the Nashville International Airport is a breeze, and as long as there is no long delays, you should be checked in and ready to go in no time. BNA offers curbside check-in for most airlines, making it easy to check your bags and get on your way.

If you need to print a boarding pass, you can use the self check-in kiosk located inside the airport. Simply enter your confirmation number, print your boarding boarding pass and you are good to go! Time to go through security.

Security at Nashville Airport

Navigating security at the Nashville International Airport is simple and painless – if you’re prepared that is. On any given day, security lines tend to move rapidly and don’t have the long lines and wait times compared to major cities. You can check the wait times of the security lines by visiting the airports website

Nashville airport is now equipped with x-ray machines that help expedite lines and get you through security quickly. You can opt out of going through the x-ray machine, but  you will then have to go through the metal detector, get a pat down and have your hands swabbed. Make sure to read up on TSA’s travel tips before you fly to make sure you’re prepared to quickly get through security.

Finding Your Gate

Nashville International Airport is very simple to navigate and is comprised of just three concourses: A, B & C. If your boarding gate isn’t listed on your boarding pass, BNA has screens as soon as you get through security that will help you find your gate. You can also use
BNA’s online map to help you find where you need to go, and if you have time to shop or eat, check out BNA’s dine & shop map.

Returning to BNA

When flying back into the Nashville International Airport, getting your luggage and getting out is quick and easy. After you land and get through the terminal, you’ll go down one level to baggage claim. The baggage claim level is also the level where your friends or family will be waiting to pick you up. If you need to get a taxi or shuttle, you will need to go down one more level to the ground transportation level. When parking with Executive Travel & Parking, make sure to call us after you have claimed your luggage and provide us with your name and claim check number. One of our shuttles will meet you promptly at the ground transportation level.

When you have to spend time at the Nashville International Airport, we hope you will enjoy everything our city’s airport has to offer. If you need to park your vehicle while you’re away, consider parking with Executive Travel & Parking. We offer great incentives like the Frequent Parkers Program, Referral Bonus Program and offer discounts and coupons. To book your space today, visit our website here.