Holding Patterns: Say Goodbye to the 10-Minute Waiting Area

If you have ever had to pick up a friend or family member from Nashville International Airport (BNA), then you have most likely spent time in the 10-minute waiting area outside baggage claim. This waiting area is free to use, is convenient and allows you to park right outside the terminal doors to wait the arrival of your friend or family member. But soon, the 10-minute waiting area will be no more.

BNA Parking Renovations

The Nashville International Airport has recently announced major renovations to the airport’s parking areas, including doing away with the 10-minute waiting area, $75 million in parking garage renovations and a new cell phone waiting area. All of these renovations are part of a $240 million, five-year capital improvement project to BNA’s parking facilities that will begin in mid-2016 and finish by 2020.

What This Means

The expansive renovations to Nashville International Airport’s parking facilities comes at a cost, with parking prices expected to rise. A report by Nashville airport officials estimates a $1 increase to the maximum daily parking rates, which are currently $24/day for airport valet parking and $16/day for onsite long-term parking.

Airport Parking Alternatives

With the increase in the parking rates at the Nashville International Airport, it’s important to know the parking alternatives when flying out of BNA. Offsite airport parking is the most cost-efficient, convenient and quickest ways to park your car and get to the terminal. Offsite parking will not only save you big on the parking rates, it is easier and less hassle than onsite airport parking.

Benefits of Offsite Airport Parking

Offsite airport parking offers many benefits including:

  • Less Expensive airport parking: only $10.50/day compared to $24/day for airport valet parking
  • A quick 3-5 minute shuttle ride to the terminal
  • Your car is valeted by parking staff upon arrival and is waiting for you upon return
  • Parking coupons, including weekend and holiday coupons
  • Car services, including car wash and oil change
  • 24 hour surveillance and fenced in property  
  • No waiting in line
  • Frequent parker program


With onsite parking rates at the Nashville International Airport only getting worse, the rates at Executive Travel & Parking provide an affordable alternative at $10.50/day.

Flying out of Nashville International Airport soon? For more information about offsite airport parking, call Executive Travel & Parking at 615-523-5100 or simply make your reservation online!