Travelers Missing Flights Due to Long Lines at Nashville Airport

In airport news, it’s flyer beware! Nashville’s the place to be and for many, it all starts at the Nashville International Airport. Scores of bachelorettes, country music fans and conventioneers have descended upon Music City in recent years and the airport is feeling the impact of this increasing interest. According to a March segment on WKRN News 2, dozens of weary and frustrated travelers called in to complain about long security lines and missed flights.

After standing in line for more than three hours, countless foot-sore passengers missed several flights, leaving them stranded in Music City…but at the airport and not on Lower Broadway where many would surely have preferred to be. During a recent Wednesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported they saw thousands of more travelers than they typically screen which led to long lines, missed flights, and unhappy travelers.

According to the News 2 report, traveler Claire Maldonado noted that she was about to miss her second flight of the day and who overheard a fellow frustrated traveler describe the security line like something out a Dr. Seuss book.

Compounding the issue were travelers attempting to board with prohibited items ranging from souvenir knives and snow globes to over-sized nail scissors and improperly bagged toiletries. To make life easier, take the time to understand TSA’s regulations and pack and plan accordingly.

  • Check the TSA’s list of prohibited items before you find yourself in line
  • Know where your approved, valid ID is at all times
  • Pack your travel-sized liquids carefully in a tamper-evident, quart-sized baggies

Technology is Your Friend
The Nashville International Airport has a terrific Security Checkpoint Wait Time estimate on their website to help travelers plan. During heavy travel weekends, though, it’s wise to plan on arriving at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure, as line lengths and estimated wait times can change quickly.

While you’re at it, use Google Maps to keep a close eye on travel conditions from your home or hotel to the airport or off-site discount airport parking service. Planning and preparation is the best way to avoid missing your flights!

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