Security and Offsite Airport Parking

Airport Security Threats

Airports these days are dealing with broad scale security issues, including the threat of homegrown and foreign terrorist cells. In this post 9/11 world, there are more restrictions than before on the location of onsite parking, such as its distance from the actual airport building. Drop off and loading zones have become more and more temporary in nature in order to not allow anyone to linger around. Nashville’s BNA is no exception.

Offsite Parking’s Security Advantages

According to an online New York Times article by David Downing, “As airports reduce the number of on-site parking spaces for security reasons, off-site lots have become a better alternative than ever.”

While offsite lots are becoming more and more specialized, featuring green initiatives, car cleaning and other car services, what remains one of the most important features is security for your car. Without this, the other perks don’t add up.

Offsite parking is not limited to the overall size and location restrictions of airport parking and can offer more convenience, more services and, most importantly, reliable 24-hour security for your car.

Security Through a Private Company

Though airport parking traditionally has less incidence of car theft, there are still occasional problems at a few onsite lots in more crime-filled cities. Being privately owned and operated, offsite airport parking can develop its own security guidelines without being preoccupied with large-scale security issues. In this way, they can be the safest places for your car.

Security a Priority at Executive Travel & Parking

Executive Travel & Parking at Nashville’s BNA offers the tight security you seek. We keep a close eye on all the cars entrusted to our care and place the highest priority on the safety of your vehicle. Our lot is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year and is completely fenced and monitored with video surveillance. Check out our website or call 615-523-5100 to find out more about our top of the line parking services.