6 Airport Parking Tips

When traveling to the airport, you already have enough on your mind — dealing with traffic, trying to catch your flight, getting through security. You don’t need to add on the frustrations that can come with Nashville airport parking. Use these six airport parking tips to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

1. Reserve Your Parking Spot in Advance

Traffic to the airport can often become congested. This is especially true during peak travel times and holidays. To guarantee a spot, it’s important to book your parking in advance. If you choose to park with Executive Travel & Parking, you can book your parking spot online. Simply enter your check in and check out time, enter any promo codes you may have, and click quote to get an affordable quote for your parking space.

2. Look for Parking CouponsPacked parking lot

Before purchasing a parking spot, be sure to search for coupons to save money on parking. Some airport parking vendors, like Executive Travel & Parking, offer incredible deals you don’t want to miss. Our currently available deals include our web promotion, weekend coupon and holiday coupon. Claim Your Coupon today!

3. Unplug Phone Chargers and Other Power Supplies

Before leaving your car to catch your plane, make sure to unplug all phone chargers and other power supplies. Leaving a power cord plugged up to your car will run the battery, and you may return to find that your battery has died.  Executive Travel & Parking offers auto maintenance services to help you in these situations. Click here to learn more.

4. Keep Your Key in a Secure Place

It’s important that your key is safe and secure while you are on your trip. By going with valet parking, you can have peace of mind knowing your key will be there when you get back. Make sure to use your valet key or remove your vehicle’s key from your keychain when using valet parking, so you can still gain access to all of your other locked items.

5. Plan for Delays

Airport traffic can be extremely busy. Make sure to plan for delays. Have all of your bags packed and directions printed out in advance, and be sure to leave plenty of time before your flight, so you don’t miss it.

6. Consider Airport Parking Alternatives
Often times, you can get cheaper parking through an airport parking alternative, rather than parking directly with the airport. Executive Travel & Parking offers affordable, convenient and safe airport parking. Furthermore, when you select Executive Travel and Parking, you can choose to have your car washed and serviced, so its in tip-top condition upon your return.

Book your parking space today and make sure to download our free Airport Parking Checklist!