Dust Settles In Nashville Airport Parking Argument

After years of debate between The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and the collection of off-site parking companies, the dust has finally settled. In recent years, off-site valet parking companies saw their access fees paid to the Nashville airport increase significantly over those assessed to hotel shuttles and other shuttle services.  Now that the two parties have reached an agreement, off-site parking companies can function knowing they have equal access to terminals and a more stable fee structure.

There are five parking companies that provide off-site parking services however, only three agreed to the long-term deal. David Hornsby, owner of Executive Travel and Parking, stated “We agreed to pay a premium in return for a long-term agreement.” Mr. Hornsby was also the leader for the five companies who formed the Tennessee Alliance for Fair Airport User Fees.

The Great Parking Debate

The basis of the argument between the airport and parking companies was the Nashville Airport’s ability to levy discriminatory fees. Last year, in 2014, the parking companies took their fight to the legislature to gain traction on the issue. Finally, in 2015 after years of going back and forth, the argument ended.

Each side got what they wanted in what Hornsby called “an old-fashioned compromise.” The parking companies in Nashville will pay a premium of $2.94 per trip over comparable hotel shuttles, but with that premium comes long-term protection. The rates for Executive Travel and Parking as well as the other two parking companies in Nashville who signed the agreement will fluctuate in tandem with the access fees for hotel shuttles.


Parking for the Nashville airport now represents roughly 30% of airport revenues. Airport authorities are trying to protect and preserve this as well as they can. Before the agreement, they wanted to implement a fee of 8% of parking revenues on off-site parking companies; however, airport authorities are glad they have reached an agreement.

The agreement is good for the parking companies in Nashville and also the airport. It will allow airport authorities to maintain the reputation of the Nashville airport and serve the community in its best interest.

For more information on the matter, visit The Tennessean’s website for an article here. If you would like for information on airport parking in Nashville, please visit our page about parking at the Nashville airport.