How to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Summer is the most common time of year for burglaries to occur, according to the FBI. Before you head off to to find your parking spot at Nashville International Airport, make sure you take every precaution to prevent intruders. The following steps will help you keep your home safe while on vacation or a business trip.

1. Don’t Broadcast About Your Travels on Social Media (At Least Until You Return)

It can be exciting to post and share photos of your travels with your friends and family, but you might want to hold off until you return. While many people who share about their trips on social media never experience any problems, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you still prefer sharing vacation updates in real time on social networks, make sure your privacy and sharing settings are appropriate.

2. Install a Light Switch TimerWing of a plane

It’s important that your home appears occupied, so potential intruders don’t notice your absence. You can find a basic light timer at your local hardware store. Simply set the timer to flicker on and off at specific times during the day.

This is much better than leaving your light on for the duration of your trip, which will increase your electric bill and look strange at night when your lights are on and everyone else’s isn’t.

3. Ask Your Mail Carrier to Hold Your Mail

If you are gone for long, it’s likely that you will have mail piling up. Tell you mail carrier to hold your mail for you while you are on vacation, so you can pick it up when you return.

4. Unplug All Electronic Devices

Leave all electronic devices unplugged while you are gone, including your television, toaster, DVD player, and anything else that runs on electricity.


Because many electronics use power even when they are turned off. This is called phantom power, and it is usually a result of the appliance being in standby mode. In addition to wasting energy, you never know if a bad storm will blow in while you are away, causing a power surge.

5. Let Your Neighbors Know You Are Leaving

Tell your neighbors you will be headed out of town. If you know your neighbors well, you may even consider having them house sit. See if they are open to feeding your cat, checking your mail, raking your leaves, etc.

Most of all, it’s just important to have someone watching out for suspicious behavior while you are gone, just incase.

6. Move Valuables Out of Sight

Remove your valuables out of sight from passersby. You don’t want people looking in and seeing something they may want to steal. Things to move out of sight include TVs, laptops, etc.

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